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Welcome to our very first blog post on our freshly painted site. We’ve made a few small changes recently including hiring some new people to help us keep things running, and planting the first seeds in our urban garden.  So we’ve kind of got that Spring feeling…almost (Hello, Spring? It’s May here in Ireland, where are you?)  We’ve also got some yoga sessions coming up…

One of our new staff members, Jen, is training to be a yoga instructor and has kindly offered to host donation based yoga sessions in the shop.  (Initially advertised in the shop as starting this Sunday 6th, but as the building will now be closed on Sunday we have postponed until May 20th.)

Keeping in mind the shop is tight for space and we may need to play Tetris to fit people in, spaces are limited and via email confirmation only.  If you do sign up and then change your mind/ something comes up – please email Jen at

Hope to see you there.  Further details on the poster below.



Yoga At Small Changes

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