#OneMillionCups of Moyee Coffee

Earlier this month we were invited to a launch event for Moyee Coffee Ireland’s One Million Cups campaign.  Never one to turn down a cup, we popped along to The Tara Building to find out more about the “world’s first FairChain coffee” and what the One Million Cups campaign aims to do. 

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Killian Stokes and Shane Reilly, both graduates of UCD Innovation Acadamy, wanted to pair their love for good coffee together with their desire to do something positive in the world.  They despaired that, despite fair trade agreements, less than fifteen percent of global coffee revenue goes to coffee growing countries and they also despaired bad coffee.  So, motivated to make a change they headed to Ethiopia and it was there they found Moyee Coffee.

Moyee not only sources their coffee beans in Ethiopia, it roasts them there too. A process that locks in the special flavours and character of Moyee coffee at origin, and ensures that more jobs and more money from the coffee industry stays
 within Ethiopia. This idea is called FairChain. 


 Radically Good Coffee With A Radical Impact.


So what does the One Million Cups campaign aim to do? 

The One Million Cups Campaign aims to directly support nearly 400 coffee-producers and their wider families in Ethiopia. Due to their FairChain approach of roasting at origin, Moyee leaves 300% more value in Ethiopia compared to your average bag of coffee. That means the campaign in Ireland alone will send an extra €58,331 to Ethiopia as part of the FairChain impact. One Million Cups of FairChain coffee sold in Ireland would also have a big environmental impact. Getting to this target protects 107 football fields worth of coffee-forest in Limu Genet, Ethiopia and saves 33,332 kg of CO2! 



What can we do to support the campaign?

Drink Moyee Coffee! Switch your office over to FairChain coffee, or if you’re not the decision maker you can send your boss a hint, or tell your local cafe to make the switch.  Get coffee delivered to your door every month or buy yours from Small Changes, we sell beans by the bags or we can refill as much as you like in your own containers.

Join the revolution! #OneMillionCups #FairChain

JR meeting Shane and Killian at the One Million Cups campaign launch evening.



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