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Growing up our house was always SPOTLESS with the distinct nostril burning scent of bleach and oven cleaner that could strip your walls. We’ve long associated these strong smells with cleanliness and freshness, but I’ve rarely felt too fresh after I’ve used cleaning products filled with chemicals, have you?  So why do we use them? In this Meet The Maker, we chat with Titta, Co-Founder of Lilly’s Eco-Clean, about being a little more mindful and a lot less guilty about keeping the house clean. 


We know we need to feed our bodies with nutritious food and fresh air if we want to feel good, so why would we then clean our homes with pollutants?  For me, it was always a case of using whatever was cheap, easily available, and appeared to do the job, but I came to realise that I’d been falling for the con.  My under-the-sink kitchen press was filled with half used bottles – not so cheap when you’ve bought two shelves worth and definitely not low waste.  I tried a few of my own at home solutions but was still addicted to that bleach-clean myth. 

“Knowledge Over Fear”

Soon after I began working for Peadar at Small Changes he told me about his health, which you can read more about in Our Story.  When Peadar started out with the store he met Titta, Co-Founder of Lilly’s Eco-Clean and found that his circumstances for setting up shop were similar to those of Titta’s friend Lilly.  Lilly ran a successful cleaning business and would use typical strong cleaners in her client’s homes.  When she became very ill she knew she had to make a change and she began researching and making her own cleaning products.  Her health improved dramatically and both she and her clients also noticed a dramatic improvement in how light and fresh their homes were. Her products became so popular that she began selling them and thus, Lilly’s Eco-Clean was born.  Titta now runs the business but still carries the same ethos when it comes to the product: “Health comes first”!  Titta stresses that having knowledge of what can be harmful to our health, our home, and the environment debunks the (multi-billion dollar industry) idea that we need to fill our home with chemicals in order to be clean and healthy.  Knowledge wins over fear and with this knowledge, there are no side effects!  Titta says if you treat your home and the environment as you would treat your body you’re on the right track. Don’t be afraid of germs and similarly don’t be afraid of keeping that bottle of bleach at the back of the press – armed with knowledge and mindfulness you have nothing to fear.  Lilly’s products are clinically tested to support a healthy and balanced lifestyle, are biodegradable and made with consciously sourced and renewable plant-based ingredients and essential oils.  They’re not tested on animals, are vegan-friendly, 100% recyclable and are made in Ireland. 



Titta loves what she does. She does a great deal of the work herself, and while it’s a small local artisan business, this is still no mean feat.  She loves Lilly’s brand as much as I, and the many other converted do.  The fresh scent, the bottle and branding, the fact that you can buy refills, and it makes your home shine. It’s also better on the pocket (and better on my under-the-sink kitchen press which is now filled with only 3 bottles, including a bottle of bleach at the very back which is used extremely sparingly)! I never thought I’d reach a point in my life where I’d be calling my Mam up to tell her about a range of products I’m using to clean the house, but here I am…delighted with my clean gaff!



If you’re interested in low waste or ‘zero waste’, Titta will be passionately and knowledgeably speaking at the Zero Waste festival this Sunday, you can find more info about the festival here: 

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