Eco-Friendly Personal Care Bathroom Essentials

Over the past few months I’ve made some small changes in the products I use both in my home and personally. As well as using Lilly’s Eco Clean to keep the place sparkling, I’ve tried, tested, and made some of these products must-have staples.  Here are my new PERSONAL CARE BATHROOM ESSENTIALS.


Eco-friendly Bathroom essentials

  1.  Mooncup Menstrual Cup:  When I first heard about menstrual cups I thought they were kind of gross, that they’d be messy and unhygienic, but the more I heard from other women about their experiences the more I learned about my own misconceptions.  Menstrual cups are not only hygienic, they’re far safer for our bodies than tampons, easy to clean, hypoallergenic, and are BPA, plastic, and toxin free.  Mooncups are made from medical grade silicone, which if looked after properly will last years – a massive saving in terms of finance and the environment.  Some women have said it’s lessened their menstrual cramps which was enough for me to finally give in and give a cup a try.  Not going to lie, my first attempt was an absolute disaster which ended with me having a full blown panic attack and believing that was the end of my Mooncup journey.  But after chatting to a few pals I know that once I get used to it it’ll be so worth it for my body, the planet, and the sake of convenience…no more sending the boyfriend to the shop for pads when I’ve run out!

  2. Holos Body Oil: I use this body oil after my shower, it absorbs right in, smells amazing all day and doesn’t feel sticky even during the unprecedented heatwave of 2018.  I also rub it through the ends of my hair to keep it from getting too dry in the sun and to tame the crazy hot weather frizz.  Holos Skincare is Irish-made, plant-based with natural essential oils, and the body oils come in a glass bottle which can be reused.  I picked up a little tester of facial oil from the This Is More range which I’ve yet to try but have high hopes for.  Holos Creator Niamh Hogan was a holistic therapist for 15 years and has perfected her multi-award winning ethical brand, so I trust her products with my face. 

  3.  Three Hills Soap: I do love a good soap – not the ones on the telly, only ones for washing.  I like to try lots of different fragranced soaps but am always mindful that they are natural, palm-free, and vegan-friendly.  Three Hills ticks all the boxes and there are so many different fragrances to choose from it’s almost a pity a bar lasts so long. 

  4. Wooden Nail Brush:  As well as its intended use, I use mine as a soap stand as it keeps the soap fresher for longer by allowing it to dry underneath between uses.  The bristles are biodegradable and as it’s not plastic it wont be hanging around the planet for longer than my entire family and their offspring’s offspring. 

  5. Thyme Travel Shampoo Bar by Palm Free Irish Soap: I’ve been using a well known brand of shampoo bars on and off for a few years, and while I loved the smell and the fact it was packaging-free it left a build up in my hair. I recently gave the Thyme Travel bar a go and it left my hair feeling cleaner for longer and noticeably softer too despite our hard water.  Palm Free Irish Soap makes a range of soaps too, made from naturally sourced ingredients and is cruelty-free. 

  6. Eco Bamboo Toothbrush: As shared in our last blog post  these bamboo toothbrushes are fully biodegradable and as we use so many toothbrushes in our lifetime if you make the switch now you’ll no longer be adding to the pile of plastic toothbrushes that are likely to be observed by aliens if they ever land on our planet long after we’ve left it.  

All of the above products are currently in my bathroom and available from Small Changes in Drumcondra


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