Dublin VegFest 2018 is here!

Dublin VegFest is back!  The two-day celebration is Ireland’s biggest vegan food event…not just for vegans, everyone is welcome to try new foods and cruelty-free products, and soak up the super friendly atmosphere.  There will also be speakers, performances, and competitions, all taking place in Griffith College on Sept 22nd & 23rd. Here are our top 10 things to see/eat at VegFest.

dublin vegfest 2018



1. Sat 22rd 12-1pm | Vegan Health & Fitness Panel 
Youtuber and student doctor Leo Venus, ultra-runner Dr. Ailis Brosnan, power lifter Hulda B. Waage and ultra-athlete and medical doctor Dr. Donal Bailey will share their journey with veganism, what they eat, how they train, recover and compete. If you thought you need meat to be strong, fast or smart, this team will help you change your mind! Got a question on fitness or plant based vegan diets? Make sure you don’t miss this chance to get an answer from people thriving on plants!

2. Sat 22nd 1-2pm | Tracy Ryan (BIA Beauty Skincare): DIY Vegan Beauty Products (Demo)
Tracey of Bia Beauty Skincare will give a demo focusing on making some high quality vegan self care products.

3. Sat 22nd 2-3pm | Ellie Kisyombe (Our Table): One Human Race / Food Is Culture (Demo)
Learn more about life in Direct Provision via Ellie’s charming talk and a simple dish demo.

4. Sun 23rd | Christina Leopold (Addicted To Dates): Food Demo
Christina credits her background in culinary arts for helping her to look at ingredients used in traditional recipes and develop them using a plant based substitute. She also draws daily inspiration from the ever growing vegan community on instagram. Addictedtodates is about bringing vegan recipes to the mainstream, and uniting both vegan and non vegan communities through delicious, healthy food. It’s about replacing regular treats with cruelty free alternatives without ever having to compromise on taste!

5. Sun 23rd 3-4pm | Evelyn Suttle / NARA: Ireland’s Fur Trade (Movie & Talk)
Evelyn Suttle from NARA (and VegHuns) will be presenting the documentary ‘Ireland’s Fur Trade (2017)’. She’ll be answering questions about the barbarity of Irish fur farms, as well as explaining what the current animal welfare laws in Ireland are, and how campaigners are trying to shut down this industry. 

buttercream dream dublin chocolate cupcake

1. Buttercream Dream 
Sweet vegan indulgence made in Dublin by Lauren. Cupcakes (with buttercream icing in sooo many flavours), muffins, brownies, and all sorts of ridiculously delicious cakes. Eat some there and bring some home!

2. Umi Falafel 
Fresh authentic falafel and salads. The ‘Palestinian Falafel’ is a super filling favourite.

3. Blazing Salads 
Drury Street’s famous pick ‘n’ mix salad box + yummy cakes and hot slices. 

4. Eat My Veg by Moodley Manor 
Vegan food Truck offering vegan burgers, chick-hun hot wings, garlic chick-hun wrap etc.

5. Our Table 
Hot sauces and hummus from Direct Provision Ireland

Tickets are still available and start at €10…check out dublinvegfest.com and maybe we’ll see you there!
FYI: Dublin Cycling Campaign are running a free valet bike parking service for attendees, so on yer bike!

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