Things To Do While Social Distancing 1: GROW.


Things To Do While Social Distancing 1.


So, most of us realise by now that Corvid-19 is a very real threat to the people we love. This is our world for the next while now. In order to protect ourselves and others we need to practice safe social distancing. When you *need* to leave the house to go to work or to buy essentials, keep your hands clean, keep them off your face, and keep a safe distance of 2 metres from others.  This is all extremely necessary but it’s also extremely morbid if it’s all you’re thinking about. So it’s good to practice and plan wholesome and healthy activities to keep you physically and mentally strong. Over the next while your friendly local wholefoods store will be sharing some of our stay at home hobbies. The first of which is;





Gardening isn’t just for your granny. It’s a productive and relaxing way to spend a few hours, especially for teenagers out of school. Whether you have a garden, plot, balcony or a windowsill you can grow some plants, herbs, or veggies.  I say this as a person who has a mortuary of plants in her home but recently I grew my own herbs on my kitchen windowsill and it was honestly so fulfilling to see them sprout.  All you need are some seeds/cuttings, soil, fertiliser, pots, water, and some daylight. You could even DIY your own pots by reusing tetra cartons, bottles, egg cartons, tin cans etc.



Windowsill Herbs
My still alive and kicking windowsill herbs


Youtube is a great teacher…and a complete rabbit hole once you get started, so prepare to be amazed by the possibilities.  Last year Small Changes had it’s own little garden (currently pending for 2020) where Peadar and Dan grew plentiful potatoes, greens, and herbs that we were able to sell in the shop. Some of our younger customers even took home some little sunflower seed pots and kept us updated on their progress.


Sam and Anna with their giant sunflowers grown from seed.


March is a good time to chit your spuds and there are seed potatoes on the way to the shop (at the time of publishing)! So, if after reading this you get the inspiration to start growing send us your photos! Or if you’re a more experienced grower maybe send us some tips and short videos for our followers? Send them to us at or tag us on Instagram or twitter. 


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