About Our Team


The names behind the faces you see in the shop...



Peadar is hands-on when it comes to running of the shop. If he's not to be found behind the till, he's probably out the back tending to our veggie garden or making shop displays with reclaimed materials.  He's a director at Forest Friends Ireland, a member of  Dublin Cycling Campaign and having grown up in Rath Cairn Gaeltacht, Co. Meath, Peadar loves a chat as Gaeilge. Send any business related messages to peadar@smallchanges.ie


Shop Assistant

Brigid (a tad camera shy) works in the shop a couple of days a week but is always popping in and out to lend a hand. She loves a good chat both in English and as Gaelige, all the better if you're a fan of Bruce Sprinsteen...she's his biggest fan/stalker.


Brand, Content & Store Manager 

With a background in social care, content creation, community management, and a goal to be kinder to the planet, JR feels right at home working at Small Changes. When she's not in the shop a couple days a week or finding new local products/suppliers, she's building websites like this one and creating online content for businesses. Got a good idea for collaboration? For anything content related chat to JR at jr@smallchanges.ie


Shop Assistant

You may not believe it with the lack of accent but Ríonach is from Co. Cork.  Tá Gaeilge líofa aici.  She is studying multimedia in DCU, and is into photography and all things sustainability/vegan.  Cursed with a soya intolerance.  Soya substitute tips and recipes welcomed!


Shop Assistant & Artist

With a natural flair for freehand art and sign-writing, any of the (good) posters and (neat) signs in the shop are accredited to Nadia! Currently studying hard for her leaving cert and with her heart set on communication science, Nadia works with us one day a week. Also if you'd like a chat in Polish, Nadia is fluent.