Delivery or Collection

DUBLIN DELIVERIES VIA OUR OWN BIKE : Mon/Tue/Thur/ Fri - €4.00 charge

  • Dublin deliveries: D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D6W, D7, D8, D9, D10, D11, D12, D13
  • Deliveries are made via our own cargo bike, cutting our carbon footprint. 
  • Minimum Order is €30
  • You must order before 12pm for same day local delivery. Orders made after 12pm will be delivered the following day after 12. Orders placed after 12pm on a Friday will be delivered the following Monday afternoon.
  • Delivery time will vary depending on your location and on the weather (as we deliver by bike your delivery will get to you after any heavy rain or wind etc. has eased.  The team will call to confirm your your order is ready to go. If you do not answer we will email you.
  • Delivery Cost is €4.95
  • Discounts apply in-store only with valid card.
  • If ordering refills for delivery please read information below.
  • If you have any issues with your delivery or while ordering please do not hesitate to contact the store on 015157477 or email us at

We also offer Same Day In-Store Collection in  Small Changes Inchicore (120, Emmet Road, Inchicore), free of charge, we just ask that you make your order on the same day and before 5pm (before 2pm on Sunday).  If you have ordered a liquid refill please remember to bring your own bottle when you come to collect - you can then bring it to a member of staff who can fill it for you.


Prices are either per item, or sold by weight/volume. If you want 2 of an item eg. 2 tins of tomatoes = Quantity 2.

Loose or refill items like loose dried foods, refill liquids, and some loose fresh produce are sold per 100g or 100ml i.e 500g/500ml = Quantity 5. 

Loose dried products will be packaged in paper bags. For refill liquids you will need your own container. Please read the instructions below.

If you have specific instructions please add them to the notes section at Checkout.

We will call you when your order is ready for Click and Collect or Delivery.


For all liquid refills you will need a receptacle for us to place your liquid order in. Do not order a refill until you have read the following:

Refill Option 1: Do not order liquid refills with your first online order. Wait until you’ve had a delivery from us and give your driver your own empty bottles which will be refilled and returned to you with your next delivery. Please only give your bottle/s to your driver if you intend to place an order for delivery the following week - we can only keep your bottles for a week MAX. Bottles can only be accepted if they are clean.

Refill Option 2: Order your refill + order a 1L glass bottle. Your first liquid refill orders will be delivered in glass bottles costing €3 each. You could then reuse these for future delivery (see option 1) or whatever you wish. Option 1 is preferable as a less waste/more eco-friendly option. 

If you are collecting and have ordered a liquid refill, please remember to bring your own bottle when you come to collect - you can then bring it to a member of staff who can fill it for you. 

Your name and address must be securely attached to each of your bottles. If you have a number of bottles please specify on each which product should be placed in each - otherwise we will have to make our best guess.

Here's our loose dried wholefoods: Loose Items

Here's our household & liquid refills: Household & Liquid Refills

Please read more about our delivery T&C and our refund policy:

Thank you.