Ground State Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Whole Bean 100g

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Ethiopia - Gedeb Moplaco Yirgacheffe

Tasting notes : Honey, Apricot, Floral

Variety : Heirloom

Process : Washed

Score : 86

This is a Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee, grown by many smallholders near Gedeb Yirgacheffe at about 1880 meters above sea level in red soil. Farmers have been growing coffee in Gedeb for generations, and they continue to use traditional practices and manual picking. The coffee is combined and processed at the washing station in Gedeb woreda. Its a fully washed coffee and is dried on African drying beds.

Ethiopian coffee is still made up of many wild growing coffee plants – most of them have not yet been classified, so the genetic diversity is innumerable and is still very much being studied and explored. While varieties do change from region to region within Ethiopia, you will often see “landraces” or “heirloom” listed as the varieties, even though this does not denote a homogenous genetic pool covering all of Ethiopia. Being wild, these varieties have evolved naturally and so are well adapted to their surroundings. All this means that chemical inputs (fertilizers), pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are rarely needed/in use in Ethiopia; the majority of coffee produced is organic in the truest sense of the word.

This coffee works great brewed as espresso and in terms of aroma and

flavour profile, you can expect notes of chocolate, caramel and red


Roasted in The Liberties, Dublin

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