Nut Milk Bag

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Clover Product ID: 5792ATQ1EPT7J

Material: Foodsafe Nylon (durable and can be reusable); finest mesh (150*150 meshes per square inch)

Size: approx. 22cm (width) x 29cm (height) = 8.85" x 11.41"

Top style: Drawstring (unbleached cotton)

Colour: White

Features: Reusable (money-saving); finest mesh (no pulp left); non-toxic; no smell; easy to clean; heat-resistant in boiling water (cannot be deep fried)

When you make nut milk, seed milk, soy milk, herbal tea, fruit juice, soup, even brew wine, it is a perfect helper to filter off the pulps and waste.

You can reuse it because it is made of nylon. Just clean it after you used it; then you can use it again. Great raw food, whole food helper.

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