Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Refill 100ml

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'Ouro de Portugal' is produced by Leopoldino Freitas & Sons, a

family run business, based in the small village of Formigais, near

Fatima in Central Portugal who have been producing olive oil for


Pure as the olive trees and the soil that nourishes them, L. Freitas

& Sons Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the Gold of Portugal.

This Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from olives harvested in

the 'Trás-os Montes' area of northeastern Portugal, which also produces

the world renowned port wine.

From a climate that is very hot in summer and cold in winter, comes a

very characteristic olive oil loaded with golden yellow colour, strong

aroma and a hint of almond.

Produced from the Verdeal, Madural and Cobrançosa olives, typical of Portugal’s North East.

Its taste is sweet with a spicy and slightly bitter touch. Traditional

harvesting and mechanical processing in a modern mill ensures the best

characteristics are ever present.

Free from artificial chemicals, organic farming practices and principles

are adhered to from olive harvesting, through oil production to

bottling and packaging.

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