Safix Compostable Scrub Pad Large

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Large sized Safix Pads - A coconut fibre scrub pad made from natural, biodegradable materials that has been made twice the size, while maintaining the same high level durability and quality. (10cm x 15cm) A 100% plastic-free coconut fibre scrub pad Safix Scrub Pads are a compostable natural coconut fibre scrub pad providing a great alternative to polyester scrub pads commonly in use today. The Safix scrub pads are made from natural coconut (coir) fibre bonded with a non toxic biodegradable adhesive and are suitable for use on most ‘non stick’ surfaces. Why use a plastic scourer that will scratch your lovely shiny pans when you can have a biodegradable non scratch Coconut Hair Scouring Pad. Durable and safe for hands, nails, non stick pans even for cleaning your carrots ready for Sunday dinner!

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