Sióg Defence Tonic 250ml

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This herbal elixir is made using apple cider vinegar, honey, nettle, thyme, plantain, kale and parsley. This tonic contains vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It helps support gut bacteria and defence against coughs, colds and illness. Add to still or sparkling water for a refreshing drink, use as salad dressing or add it to your favourite cocktail. Whatever you choose you get the benefit of all those wonderful ingredients. 20c discount for bottle return (in store only).

Sióg is about returning to those age old remedies, acknowledging their unique benefits and passing this knowledge onto the next generation. It is about nurturing our environment and celebrating our amazing wild herbs.

A small apiary of native Irish Bees provide both the honey and wax that is used in Sióg balms, creams and tonics. A variety of wild and cultivated herbs are used, all of which are hand picked by me. Each product is crafted with care to ensure quality and authenticity.

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