Singh Tahoe Tofu 450g

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A protein-rich alternative to meat made from soyabeans. Tahoe the Indonesian name, tofu is the Chinese name.

Because the preparation of bean curd resembles the process of making cheese, bean curd is also called ‘soya cheese’. The soyabeans are thoroughly washed, grown and heated to boiling point. Then this mixture is finely ground and sieved. A rennet is added to the thus obtained soya milk. This is not an animal rennet.

Tahoe is neutral in taste. Using salt, spices, tamari, shoyu, sambal, sweet soya sauce or tomato puree, you can season tahoe. It is nice to put tahoe in a marinade for several hours. Tahoe beans can also be used in soup and ragout. Once removed from the packaging, it is best to store tahoe under water in a sealed container in the refrigerator and use it within 2-3 days.

Tahoe is an excellent source of high quality protein and contains some B vitamins. When calcium sulphate is used as a coagulant, the bean curd is also a rich source of calcium. Like all other full soya products, tahoe also contains isoflavones.

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