Organic & Eco-Friendly


We have a variety of package-free fresh produce available in the shop, the majority of which is organic and where possible/season willing, produced in Ireland, with fresh deliveries from Beechlawn Organic Farm in Co. Galway. We are registered and certified by the IOA (IOFGA), this means you can be 100% assured if it says organic it's organic! (Conversely if it doesn't say it - then it's not!) We've labelled all of our fresh and dried produce so you can see where it comes from too.  We also stock freshly harvested greens from The Gnomes in Glasnevin, who haven't applied for an organic certificate but use bio-intensive farming methods which uses no chemicals/pesticides and is all natural.

The majority of our food and products are also vegan-friendly, and we offer a 10% discount to anyone with a valid Irish vegan/vegetarian society card.
We also collaborate with Green Earth Organics in Galway so that you can have fresh organic boxes delivered by them to our shop, forgoing the delivery charge and receiving a 10% discount from us on your assigned delivery day. See details: Green Earth Organics Boxes | Order & Collect

Organic apples from The Apple Farm in County Tipperary...we also stock their apple juice and provide refills of their apple cider vinegar.