Recycling Campaigns


Recycling Campaigns (Currently in our Drumcondra location only)


– Recycling isn’t a solution to the plastic crisis and we encourage you to reuse whenever you can. But for when you can’t – try to choose the best recycling option. Our national recycling system isn’t ideal so here are some great ways to make sure your waste is recycled into something of use:


Recycle your crisp packets with us! We’re a drop-off point for empty crisp packet collection on behalf of Terracycle.



How it works:
Bring your empty crisp packets to our shop. Crisp packets must be empty and flat and stuffed inside of each other. They must be crisp packets only. Terracycle do not accept popcorn packets, nut packets, yogurt packets, pringles tubes, empty dog food sachets, empty coffee packets, plastic bags or any other general rubbish in this particular scheme. If we receive too many of these items we will be forced to stop collection as we simply do not have the time and resources to sort through them.

What happens to the crisp packets?
Once we have collected over 2kg of your empty crisp packets we send them off to the UK where they are recycled by Terracycle and made into longer lasting plastic items like garden furniture etc. For every 2kg bag we send we earn 400 points which is equivalent to €4. Over time this accumulates and is redeemed as a cash donation for our chosen charity, which is Seal Rescue Ireland. The donation is sent directly from Terracycle to Seal Rescue Ireland on our behalf.

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Recycle your HDPE bottle caps from milk cartons and drinks bottles with us! We’re a drop-off point for empty clean HDPE Plastic Bottle Caps collection on behalf of Precious Plastic Dublin.


How it works:
Bring your empty HDPE bottle caps to our shop. Generally these caps will be from tetra packs like milk cartons etc. or from water bottle/fizzy drink bottles and the rings from these caps too. Billions of plastic bottles and drink cartons are sold and opened every day. While the bottles are mainly made from PET plastic and the drink cartons from a mix of plastic, metal and paper, most of the caps are made from HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), a really strong, lightweight and waterproof polymer. HDPE has SPI resin ID code 2 so you should see a number 2 inside a triangle shape in the cap.

What happens to the bottle caps?
Precious Plastic Dublin use the caps to make new and long-lasting products right here in Dublin and demonstrate that there is immense value in waste plastic.

Could I not just put them in my own recycle bin:
Yes, you could but here’s some figures explaining what happens to our recycling in Ireland: 34% of our plastic is recycled with 39% being incinerated and 31% going to landfill. 60% of our plastic waste comes from packaging but only 40% of that is recycled. Also, the same piece of plastic can only be recycled a maximum of 2-3 times before it is rendered useless and sent to landfill. Whereas if you collect your bottle caps for Precious Plastic Dublin, you know they are being used for something useful that will last.

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