We offer organic and sustainable eco-friendly choices and take care of ethical sourcing and affordability, so you can make the changes that matter most to you. Click on some of our services below for more info.

Organic & Eco-Friendly

The majority of our fresh produce is organic and where possible/season willing, produced in Ireland. We also source and sell eco-friendly, allergy-free, household, hygiene, and baby products.

Juice & Smoothie Bar

Our juices and smoothies are made fresh to order and served in compostable cups and straws. We encourage customers to Bring Your Own Cup for a discount of 50c.  You can choose one of our customer favourites from the menu board or suggest your own recipe.


Bring your own bottles, containers, and bags and we'll refill olive oil, balsamic/cider vinegar, rapeseed oil, washing-up liquid/detergent, multi-surface cleaner, hand soap, shampoo, coffee beans, loose teas, dried fruit, nuts, beans, grains, rice, oats, etc.


We take in surplus produce from local or what we like to call "back garden growers" in exchange for store credit. Contact us if this sounds like something that would interest you/you have more apples than you can eat!

Zero Waste

We're doing our best to reduce our waste. Most of our fresh produce is loose and we encourage our customers to bring their own bags and containers. We recycle, reuse and/or repurpose any packaging materials and compost our very minimal food waste.


Our urban garden, nestled at the back of the building, is currently growing roots for our own organic produce, using our own compost and green fingers.