About Us


In 2010, the construction company Peadar Rice was working for went into liquidation and Peadar fell ill around the same time. While on the hard road to recovery, feeling that his overall health and general well-being benefited greatly when he cut down using strong chemicals in his home and ate a more organic diet, he came up with the idea for Small Changes and opened his first store in Gorey, Co. Wexford.

From small beginnings in Gorey, with a few eco-friendly household refills and hygiene products, followed by the addition of fresh produce and a little café space, Small Changes began its next journey in 2015 when Peadar moved shop to the ABC building in Drumcondra.  The café element in Gorey had to take a back seat as Small Changes is neighbour to the wonderful café, Nelly's. The store is primarily a wholefoods, eco-friendly refill shop and juice bar but it’s also a hub for the community; hosting events, and supporting local makers and growers.

Back in 2015...Small Changes moving into ABC Drumcondra/the shell of a chapel in what used to be St. Vincent's School for the Deaf.


Our name comes from the idea that we can all make small lifestyle changes that benefit ourselves and our families, our health, the environment, and wider communities.  As consumers, we have incredible power to enforce positive change.

Making just one small change can have a positive impact, and one small change may lead to another as we become more mindful of the long-term benefits.  Something as simple as changing your household cleaner to the environmentally friendly version is a positive step...reuse and refill the bottle and you make another positive step.  Or switching some of your food shopping to organic will avoid agrochemicals and minimise damage to wildlife and the environment.

At Small Changes we offer you sustainable eco-friendly choices.  We take care of ethical sourcing and affordability, so you can make the changes that matter most to you.