About Us


Small Changes Wholefoods Store is an Eco-friendly grocery store whose roots were first planted in Co. Wexford with a shop in 2010 before moving to Dublin. With a location in Drumcondra Dublin 9 since 2015, and a brand new bigger store on Emmet Rd, Inchicore since April 2021

Open 7 days a week, selling organic wholefoods without packaging, innovative Irish brands, and a refill station with eco-friendly products supporting a closed loop circular economy. We have a fresh juice & smoothie bar in each store and our Inchicore shop also has a coffee bar.

We now employ 8 people locally.


Back in 2015...Small Changes moving into ABC Drumcondra/the shell of a chapel in what used to be St. Vincent's School for the Deaf.

Both of our locations were vacant shells in need of new life. Our Drumcondra store was previously a chapel within a school for the deaf. Working with the facade and limited space we expanded our eco-shop and juice bar into a full grocery store. In Inchicore, with a blank slate, we were able to plan and kit out the store with a fully functional refillery, grocery, and coffee bar.

In the last few decades the sense of community has been lost. Our shop model regenerates the area and creates a focal point for communities.

We host events, talks and workshops which are community led. Our Surplus Exchange initiative allows customers to trade their surplus allotment/back garden fresh food for products in the shop.

Over the last 11 years we've built great relationships with small producers and our reputation makes us the first point of call for product launches. Ireland is currently seeing a boom in innovative plant-based products and we're at the forefront to provide them a platform.

email info@smallchanges.ie if you'd like to be stocked with us.


Our name comes from the idea that we can all make small lifestyle changes that benefit ourselves and our families, our health, the environment, and wider communities.  As consumers, we have incredible power to enforce positive change.

Making just one small change can have a positive impact, and one small change may lead to another as we become more mindful of the long-term benefits.  Something as simple as changing your household cleaner to the environmentally friendly version is a positive step...reuse and refill the bottle and you make another positive step.  Or switching some of your food shopping to organic will avoid agrochemicals and minimise damage to wildlife and the environment.

At Small Changes we offer you sustainable eco-friendly choices.  We take care of ethical sourcing and affordability, so you can make the changes that matter most to you.