Fearn Eco Cling Film 30m

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Most clingfilm products contain PVC made from finite fossil fuels that damages not only our planet but also our food. This clingfilm is made using sugarcane which is sustainably farmed and infinitely available due to its super fast growth rate, it is also a carbon positive product. Not only is it better for the planet, it is also better for yourself and your family. Microwave safe, freezer safe and 100% recyclable it is also BPA free and food safe, an amazing earth friendly swap for your family. The film is made using leftover wastage from sugar production, which is chopped and pressed to create a pulp, and sugar cane alcohol. That alcohol is then turned into ethanol, which is used to power vehicles in Brazil where the sugar cane is grown, while the pulp is turned into resin and transported to Europe where it is processed by the brand to be turned into cling film.

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