Unpackaged Refill Prices


 We hope this will help you plan your trip to our store. Please be aware that stock levels during this time are unpredictable. Please call the store on (01) 5157477 for any stock inquiries.

Last Update: 06/11/2020

Barley Pearled Organic €3.00 kg
Beans Aduki €4.90 kg
Beans Mung Organic China €5.70 kg
Beans Pinto €4.10 kg
Beans Red Kidney Organic China €6.20 kg
Beans Turtle Organic @4.90 kg
Buckwheat Raw Organic China €5.20 kg
Bulgurwheat Organic Turkey €3.40 kg
Butterbeans Organic China €7.10 kg
Chia Seeds Organic €8.70 kg
Chickpeas Organic Turkey €3.00 kg
Couscous Pearl Organic €5.20 kg
Couscous White Organic Italy €4.30 kg
Couscous Wholemeal Organic France €4.50 kg
Hemp Seeds Organic Lithuania €12.80 kg
Hemp Seeds Shelled China €19.10 kg
Lentils Black Beluga €7.00 kg
Lentils Brown Organic Turkey €4.30 kg
Lentils Green Organic Turkey €5.50 kg
Lentils Puy Organic Canada €6.60 kg
Lentils Red Organic Turkey €4.50 kg
Linseed Brown Organic India €3.50 kg
Linseed Golden Organic China €5.95 kg
Millet Grain Organic Poland €3.60 kg
Omega 4 Seed Mix €8.40 kg
Pasta White Penne Organic Italy €4.20 kg
Pasta Wholewheat Penne Organic Italy €4.20 kg
Poppy Seeds Organic Turkey €15.30 kg
Pumpkin Seeds Organic Hungary €10.85 kg
Quinoa Organic Peru €9.30 kg
Rice Arborio €6.00 kg
Rice Brown Basmati Brown Organic Pakistan €4.50 kg
Rice Brown Long Grain Organic Italy €4.00 kg
Rice Brown Short Grain Organic Italy €3.80 kg
Rice White Basmati Organic Pakistan €5.20 kg
Sesame Seeds Organic Bolivia €6.60 kg
Sunflower Seeds Organic Hungary €6.30 kg

Almonds Flaked Organic €4.10 kg
Almonds Ground €3.60 kg
Apricots Organic Turkey €16.90 kg
Banana Chips Organic Philippines €10.00 kg
Bombay Mix UK €7.00 kg
Cacao Organic Varied €8.70 kg
Chocolate Peanuts €9.40 kg
Cinnamon Ceylon Organic Sri Lanka €30.40 kg
Cinnamon Sticks Organic Sri Lanka €92.00 kg
Coconut Flakes Sri Lanka €9.20 kg
Coconut Desiccated Sri Lanka €5.90 kg
Cranberries USA €25.50 kg
Cumin Ground Organic Turkey €59.40 kg
Currants €13.80 kg
Dark Chocolate Raisins €9.40 kg
Dates Organic Algeria €9.40 kg
Figs Organic Turkey €12.90 kg
Garlic Sticks UK €7.40 kg
Ginger Ground Organic India €35.60 kg
Goji Berries China €29.30 kg
Himalayan Pink Salt Coarse Pakistan €2.30 kg
Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Pakistan €2.30 kg
Mango Slices Organic €27.20 kg
Nutmeg €67.80 kg
Popcorn Organic Hungary €4.40 kg
Raisins Organic Turkey €8.80 kg
Sea Salt Coarse UK €1.50 kg
Sesame Sticks UK €9.00 kg
Sugar Coconut Palm Organic Indonesia €8.90 kg
Sugar Demerara Organic Thailand €4.65 kg
Sultanas Organic Turkey €8.20 kg
Turmeric Organic India €13.70 kg
TVP Mince Organic France €11.00 kg

Apple Juice Tipperary €4.00 Litre
Olive Oil Extra Virgin Spain €1.10 100ml
Rapeseed Oil Extra Virgin Wicklow €0.80 100ml
Red Wine Vinegar Organic €0.60 100ml
Vinegar Balsamic 3 year old Modena €0.80 100ml
Vinegar Raw Apple Cider Tipperary €0.45 100ml
White Wine Vinegar Organic €0.60 100ml

Baking Powder €7.40 kg
Granola Organic Germany €7.30 kg
Millet Flakes Ukraine €7.50 kg
Muesli Deluxe Organic UK €7.50 kg
Oatflakes Jumbo UK €2.85 kg
Oatflakes Standard UK €2.85 kg
Rye Flakes €2.90 kg
Rye Flour Ireland €2.80 kg
Spelt Flakes €4.10 kg
Vital Wheat Gluten €7.20 kg
Wheat Flakes €2.00 kg

Intelligent 100% Chamomile Tea Organic Ireland €50.00
Intelligent Chillax Tea EU €110.00 kg
Intelligent Detox Tea EU €110.00 kg
Intelligent Digest Tea Ireland €110.00 kg
Intelligent Love Tea EU €100.00 kg
Intelligent 100 % Nettle Tea Organic Ireland €70.00 kg
Intelligent 100% Peppermint Tea Organic Ireland €50.00 kg
Matthew Algie Organic Fairtrade Arabia Coffee Ethiopia €27.00 kg
McCabes Fairtrade & Organic Coffee €28.00 kg
McCabes Sparkling Water Decaf Coffee €30.00 kg
Suki Fairtrade Belfast Brew Tea €32.00 kg
Suki Fairtrade Breakfast Tea €30.00 kg
Suki Dark Cocoa Tea €73.00 kg
Suki Goji Berry & Pomegranate Tea €77.00 kg
Suki Green Tea Ginseng Tea €64.00 kg
Suki Indian Spiced Chai Tea €76.00 kg
Suki Lemongrass & Ginger Tea €62.00 kg
Suki Organic Fairtrade Darjeeling Tea €65.50 kg
Suki Organic Fairtrade Earl Grey Blue Flower Tea €50.00 kg
Suki Organic Pink Grapefruit Tea €63.00 kg
Suki Organic Rooibos Tea €43.50 kg
Suki Red Berry Tea €68.00 kg
Suki Spiced Citrus €54.00 kg

Beeswax Pellets €4.00 100g
Ecoleaf All Purpose UK €0.40 100ml
Ecoleaf Toilet Cleaner UK €0.35 100ml
Citric Acid €6.00 kg
Ecoleaf Handwash UK €0.70 100ml
Ecoleaf Laundry Liquid UK €0.46 100ml
Ecoleaf Washing Up Liquid UK €0.25 100ml
Faith In Nature Conditioner (Seaweed) UK €1.60 100ml
Faith In Nature Shampoo (Seaweed) UK €1.60 100ml
Faith In Nature Shower Gel (Lavendar) UK €1.60 100ml
Sodium Bicarbonate (food grade) €3.00 kg
Sonnet Bleach Complex + Stain Remover Germany €7.45 kg
Sonett Laundry Liquid Germany €0.64 100ml
Sonett Laundry Powder Germany €6.75 kg
Sonnet Dishwasher Powder Germany €7.50 kg