Unpackaged Refill Prices


 We hope this will help you plan your trip to our store. It is updated on a regular(ish) basis. ​Stock levels do change regularly, therefore availability of products can not always be guaranteed.

If you are travelling far, please call us first to check we have stock of a particular item to avoid disappointment.

Beans Aduki €5.30 kg
Beans Mung Organic China €5.70 kg
Beans Pinto €3.90 kg
Beans Red Kidney Organic China €6.20 kg
Buckwheat Raw Organic China €4.40 kg
Bulgurwheat Organic Turkey €3.40 kg
Butterbeans Organic China €7.10 kg
Chia Seeds Organic €9.50 kg
Chickpeas Organic Turkey €3.00 kg
Couscous Pearl Organic €5.20 kg
Couscous White Organic Italy €4.30 kg
Couscous Wholemeal Organic France €4.50 kg
Hemp Seeds Organic Lithuania €12.80 kg
Hemp Seeds Shelled China €20.00 kg
Lentils Black Beluga €7.40 kg
Lentils Brown Organic Turkey €2.90 kg
Lentils Green Organic Turkey €3.50 kg
Lentils Puy Organic Canada €6.50 kg
Lentils Red Organic Turkey €3.30 kg
Linseed Brown Organic India €3.40 kg
Linseed Golden Organic China €5.95 kg
Millet Grain Organic Poland €3.60 kg
Omega 4 Seed Mix €8.60 kg
Pasta White Penne Organic Italy €4.00 kg
Pasta Wholewheat Penne Organic Italy €4.20 kg
Poppy Seeds Organic Turkey €15.30 kg
Pumpkin Seeds Organic Hungary €8.90 kg
Quinoa Organic Peru €8.90 kg
Rice Arborio €6.00 kg
Rice Brown Basmati Brown Organic Pakistan €4.50 kg
Rice Brown Long Grain Organic Italy €4.00 kg
Rice Brown Short Grain Organic Italy €3.80 kg
Rice White Basmati Organic Pakistan €5.20 kg
Sesame Seeds Organic Bolivia €6.60 kg
Sunflower Seeds Organic Hungary €6.30 kg

Almonds Flaked Organic €4.10 kg
Almonds Ground €3.60 kg
Apricots Organic Turkey €14.50 kg
Banana Chips Organic Philippines €16.70 kg
Bombay Mix UK €7.00 kg
Cacao Organic Varied €8.70 kg
Cinnamon Ceylon Organic Sri Lanka €30.40 kg
Cinnamon Sticks Organic Sri Lanka €92.00 kg
Coconut Chips Sri Lanka €7.90 kg
Coconut Desiccated Sri Lanka €5.90 kg
Cranberries USA €25.50 kg
Cumin Ground Organic Turkey €59.40 kg
Currants €13.80 kg
Dark Chocolate Raisins €9.40 kg
Dates Organic Algeria €9.40 kg
Figs Organic Turkey €12.60 kg
Garlic Sticks UK €7.40 kg
Ginger Ground Organic India €35.60 kg
Goji Berries China €29.30 kg
Himalayan Pink Salt Coarse Pakistan €2.30 kg
Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Pakistan €2.30 kg
Mango Slices Organic €24.00 kg
Nutmeg €67.80 kg
Nutritional Yeast with B12 Estonia €30.00 kg
Peppercorns Organic €82.30 kg
Popcorn Organic Hungary €4.40 kg
Raisins Organic Turkey €8.00 kg
Sea Salt Coarse UK €1.50 kg
Sesame Sticks UK €9.00 kg
Spiced Roasted Chickpeas UK €6.90 kg
Sugar Coconut Palm Organic Indonesia €8.35 kg
Sugar Demerara Organic Thailand €4.65 kg
Sultanas Organic Turkey €8.10 kg
Sundried Tomatoes Organic Moldova €20.00 kg
Turmeric Organic India €13.70 kg
TVP Mince Organic France €10.70 kg

Apple Juice Tipperary €4.00 Litre
Olive Oil Extra Virgin Greece €1.10 100ml
Olive Oil Extra Virgin Spain €1.00 100ml
Rapeseed Oil Extra Virgin Wicklow €0.80 100ML
Vinegar Balsamic 3 year old Modena €0.80 100ml
Vinegar Raw Apple Cider Tipperary €0.45 100ml

Granola Organic Germany €7.65 kg
Millet Flakes Ukraine €5.80 kg
Muesli Deluxe Organic UK €7.10 kg
Oatflakes Jumbo UK €2.85 kg
Oatflakes Standard UK €2.85 kg
Rye Flakes €2.90 kg
Rye Flour Ireland €2.80 kg
Spelt Flakes €3.60 kg
Vital Wheat Gluten €7.20 kg
Wheat Flakes €3.80 kg

Intelligent 100% Chamomile Tea Organic Ireland €50.00
Intelligent Chillax Tea EU €110.00 kg
Intelligent Detox Tea EU €110.00 kg
Intelligent Digest Tea Ireland €110.00 kg
Intelligent Love Tea EU €100.00 kg
Intelligent 100 % Nettle Tea Organic Ireland €70.00 kg
Intelligent 100% Peppermint Tea Organic Ireland €50.00 kg
Matthew Algie Organic Fairtrade Arabia Coffee Ethiopia €27.00 kg
McCabes Fairtrade & Organic Coffee €28.00 kg
McCabes Sparkling Water Decaf Coffee €30.00 kg
Suki Fairtrade Belfast Brew Tea €32.00 kg
Suki Fairtrade Breakfast Tea €30.00 kg
Suki Dark Cocoa Tea €73.00 kg
Suki Goji Berry & Pomegranate Tea €77.00 kg
Suki Green Tea Ginseng Tea €64.00 kg
Suki Indian Spiced Chai Tea €76.00 kg
Suki Lemongrass & Ginger Tea €62.00 kg
Suki Organic Fairtrade Darjeeling Tea €65.50 kg
Suki Organic Fairtrade Earl Grey Blue Flower Tea €50.00 kg
Suki Organic Pink Grapefruit Tea €63.00 kg
Suki Organic Rooibos Tea €43.50 kg
Suki Red Berry Tea €68.00 kg
Suki Spiced Citrus €54.00 kg

Beeswax Pellets €4.00 100g
Bio D All Purpose UK €0.40 100ml
Bio D Toilet Cleaner UK €0.35 100ml
Citric Acid €6.00 kg
Ecoleaf Handwash UK €0.70 100ml
Ecoleaf Laundry Liquid UK €0.46 100ml
Ecoleaf Washing Up Liquid UK €0.25 100ml
Faith In Nature Conditioner (Seaweed) UK €1.60 100ml
Faith In Nature Shampoo (Seaweed) UK €1.60 100ml
Faith In Nature Shower Gel (Lavendar) UK €1.60 100ml
Sodium Bicarbonate (food grade) €3.00 kg
Sonnet Bleach Complex + Stain Remover Germany €7.45 kg
Sonett Laundry Liquid Germany €0.64 100ml
Sonett Laundry Powder Germany €6.75 kg
Sonnet Dishwasher Powder Germany €7.50 kg