Zero Waste

Join us in our zero waste journey by bringing your own bags/bottles/jars etc. when you shop for loose, packaging-free fresh wholefoods, dried food or household refills. Bring your own cup for your juice or smoothie and you'll get a 50c discount.

We stock a variety of zero waste household alternatives:

  • packaging-free eco-friendly soaps
  • shampoo bars
  • bamboo toothbrushes
  • wooden dishbrushes
  • wooden nailbrushes
  • recycled dish sponges
  • coconut fiber veg brushes
  • loofah scrubbers/soap holders
  • compostable veg and dog waste bags
  • Mooncups
  • reusable cotton menstrual pads
  • reusable cotton face rounds
  • reusable food wraps
  • Pit-Putty plastic-free natural deodorant

See our list of available refill options and prices (it's a good idea to call ahead to make sure we are stocked with what you need): REFILLS


And for those of you who love crisps we're a public drop-off point for TerraCycle crisp packet scheme. Which means you can drop your empty crisp packets into our store to be recycled into useful items - while also raising money for charity! We also take back your King of Kefir bottles and clean Síog Tonic bottles and return 20c to you for each bottle. These are then returned to in their original boxes, washed, and reused for more King of Kefir/Síog goodness!.

Our reusable bags are made from certified fair trade unbleached organic cotton, designed by Finn Melvin Caird, and printed by Pop Art Factory. Available in the shop now, €4.  We also commissioned Finn to design €5 bags for Peter McVerry Trust with €3 from each bag bought going to the charity and the remainder to cover costs.  The bag is illustrated on one side and the other side has translations of "there is only power in numbers" (with thanks to bi/multi-linguists on twitter)!