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We source as many Irish products for the shop as possible...the more local the better! Here are just a few...

- BUTTERCREAM DREAM - package-free vegan cupcakes by Lauren in Dublin. Available Weds afternoon through Sun

- TREATMENT-FREE HONEY - Raw Irish Honey from young award winning beekeeper, Ewan from Co. Cavan.

- PIT PUTTY - 100% natural deodorant, vegan, and zero waste. Made by Laura & Luke in Co. Sligo.

- LILLY'S ECO CLEAN - We were the very first shop to refill Lilly's products, made by Titta in Dublin. Check out our refill page!

- INTELLIGENT TEA - Bring your own containers for beautiful botanical brews from native Irish hedgerow plants and flowers.

- PIZZA DA PIERO - Fresh stonebaked authentic Italian pizza bases made by Piero in Dublin.