The best way to recycle is to prevent waste by reusing, by doing this not only are you helping to save the planet but you can save yourself some money on top of the range certified eco-friendly products too.  Bring your own bottles/containers/bags and refill on organic dried food, oil and vinegar, and eco-friendly household products.  See info-graphic for how this works.



Organic red lentils
Organic puy lentils
Organic quinoa
Organic wholemeal couscous
Organic chickpeas
Organic red kidney beans
Organic popcorn
Organic pumpkin seeds
Organic sunflower seeds
Organic hemp seeds
Organic sesame seeds
Organic long grain rice
Organic short grain rice
Organic Penne Pasta
Organic porridge oats
Organic almonds
Organic cashews
Organic hazelnuts
Organic walnuts
Organic cacao powder
Organic demerara sugar
Organic Arabia coffee
Organic sundried tomatoes
Organic mango slices
Organic apricots
Organic pitted dates
Organic figs
Organic raisins
Organic ground cinnamon
Organic ground turmeric
Chemical-Free Irish Tea Infusions
Small Changes refill how to


Wicklow Rapeseed Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Irish Apple Cider Vinegar 

Faith In Nature Shampoo
Ecoleaf Washing-up Liquid
Ecoleaf Handwash
Lilly's Single Dishwasher Tablets
Lilly's Floor Cleaner
Lilly's All Purpose Cleaner
Lilly's Toilet Cleaner
Sonett Liquid Laundry Detergent
Sonett Laundry Powder

Household refills zero waste

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