Bring your own bottles/containers/bags to us at the till and we'll refill them with organic dried food, oil and vinegar, and eco-friendly household products. To avoid waiting in the queue you can leave your containers with us with a list of what you want refilled and collect them later in the day. See info-graphic for how our refill system works. Prices below subject to change.

Allergies: If you, or anyone in your household/close circle suffer from a life threatening allergy, we politely request and advise you do not shop in a zero waste / package free shop.  Small Changes stocks unpackaged food and we stock most allergens. Whilst we make efforts to ensure no cross contamination, it is impossible in such an environment.

We ask that your containers are clean and dry. Small Changes will not be held responsible for any contamination when you use your own container. Please also note, once the food is in your container it can not be put back into the stores container.


Refill price list last updated 18/05/2018

REFILLS small changes
We have a coffee grinder for our whole beans if you prefer your beans ground. We suggest grinding only 250g a time for optimal freshness.